We start producing honey usually from Mid May onwards. The first crop we extract is produced from oil seed rape which does include some spring flowers and hedgerow honey. Once this has finished we produce field bean honey, which is a darker honey and a favourite with many customers. We have one apiary site in a very large garden which produces some very good honey from the garden and the local village throughout the year. If we get the right conditions we will be harvesting the lime tree honey in July. This a much sought after honey.

Towards the end of July we are getting the bees ready for their annual working holiday. Some are moved up to the Yorkshire moors, and the others to the riverbanks and woodland where Balsam grows. Balsam produces a very good quality honey, which also produces comb honey and this proves to be popular. From the moors we aim to produce heather honey which is a dark ruby red colour with its own distinctive taste. York Moors Comb honey is very nice. In August we are at the mercy of the weather but we usually manage to produce enough York moors honey to see us through the year.

To complement our range we have honey with added stem ginger which is ideal on toast or our preferred way is to make a hot drink – most warming in the winter or you could always add your favourite tot!!

We package our honey in the following jar weights:

  • 340gms
  • 227gms
  • 140gms

We also do a 350gms Squeeze Bottle which is ideal for family use.

The comb honey is packaged in 227gms boxes.

The packaging we use for your online shop is food grade plastic which holds different amounts to the glass jars but they are a lot lighter than glass so keeping delivery charges to a minimum. Why not take a look at our .

We can also supply to bakers, butchers and breweries. Tubs of honey which contain 1.360 Kg (3lb) are a favourite with butchers and for family use and are used for glazed hams, etc. For customers who want larger amounts we have 6.8kg (15lb) or 13.6kg (30lb) containers so hopefully we can always supply you with just what your business requires.


When we attend farmers markets and other events we sell propolis products:- capsules, creams and in liquid form. For those tickly throats a spray and lozenges, also pollen tablets for those who suffer from pollen allergies.

Propolis is now available in our


Each year we have surplus wax to sell, the wax is coarse filtered and comes in blocks between 10lb and 40lb.

Bees for Sale

As soon as the weather allows we start queen rearing. We like to requeen every hive over a 2 year period, and each year make increase as well.

When our seasons requirements are met we sell our surplus Nucs and hives. We breed from Buckfast lines and have found them very productive and well suited to our way of bee keeping.  Our breeder queens, which we have used for many years now, come from Denmark. They are very productive and able to cope well with the UK’s climate. Later in the season we can offer Danish bred queens to you – we recommend you order early as supplies are limited.

You are welcome to inspect the bees before purchasing, please contact us for further information.


Apart from our honey production we also offer bees for pollination in glass houses / poly-tunnels and field pollination. Most of our bees work in Lincolnshire, pollinating many varieties of plants for the commercial sector. We also have hives in Yorkshire pollinating in glass houses.

We also supply bees for field pollination, please contact us to discuss your crop pollination requirements.

Whatever your requirements are please contact us to discuss.

It is estimated bees are responsible for one in three mouthfuls of our food and contribute millions to the British economy through their role as pollinators.