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Croft Apiaries Lincolnshire & Yorkshire Honey Labels
Croft Apiaries Lincolnshire & Yorkshire Honey Labels
Croft Apiaries Lincolnshire & Yorkshire Honey Labels
Lincolnshire & Yorkshire Honey from Croft Apiaries Lincolnshire


When we attend farmers markets and other events we sell PROPOLIS products:- capsules, creams and in liquid form. For those tickly throats a spray and lozenges, also pollen tablets for those who suffer from pollen allergies.

Propolis is now available in our


Each year we have surplus wax to sell, the wax is coarse filtered and comes in blocks between 10lb and 40lb.

Bees for Sale

Croft Apiaries Lincolnshire - Lincolnshire Honey direct from the producerAs soon as the weather allows we start Queen rearing. We like to requeen every hive over a 2 year period, and each year make increase as well.

When we have met all our seasons requirements we have surplus Nucs and hives for sale. We breed from Buckfast lines and have found them to be very productive and well suited to our way of bee keeping.

Our breeder Queens, which we have used for many years now, come from Denmark. We find them to be very productive and able to cope well with the UKs climate. Later in the season we can offer Danish bred queens to you , but it is advisable to order early as supplies are limited.

You are welcome to inspect the bees before purchasing.


Apart from our honey production we also offer bees for pollination in glass houses / poly-tunnels and field pollination. Most of our bees work in Lincolnshire, pollinating many varieties of plants for the commercial sector. We also have hives in Yorkshire pollinating in glass houses.

We also supply bees for field pollination, please contact us to discuss your crop pollination requirements.

It is estimated bees are responsible for one in three mouthfuls of our food and contribute millions to the British economy through their role as pollinators.

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